What the heck is this blog about?

So your probably thinking “What the heck is this blog about?”

And is Rizala gonna try to sell us something?

No I won’t be selling you anything. I have other sites for that 😉

This blog is simply just going to be a bunch of random thoughts about whats going on in my life and business.. Oh and may come across misspellings and grammatical errors. So if you are former teacher of mine and someone who is just a gammer crazy person. Sorry. 😀

Side story my mom told me I would not be successful unless I learned to spell. I did’t set out on purpose to prove her wrong.. just kinda happened 😀

Oh yes there will also be tons of emojis on this blog as well.


Life is a crazy freak and I love it.

I hope this blog allows you to see the inner workings of my ADD entrepreneurical (<–not a word but it should be) mind.

Everyone  dies. Not everyone really lives. ~ William Wallace

Can we just live?