Keeping It Real In 2017

Keeping It Real In 2017

So here’s my New Year New Me status update, there isn’t one.

This is just posting about what I have planned for 2017.

2016 was a year to be awakened, a lot of truths about people, their views, opinions, and beliefs came out (or lack thereof) and I am truly grateful for that. Because it showed me exactly where I fit into the scheme of things. I don’t.

I went to events/conferences, I even had the pleasure of speaking at one, being featured in a podcast…networked here and networked there… and I just couldn’t find where I fit in.. the answer always came back to.. I don’t.

2016 allowed me to really see all the tremendous suffering groups of people can go through and how helpless I felt.

2016 lead me to decide to work towards living a Minimalist Abundant Life. A life full of Abundance of experiences but the lack of stuff and need to have stuff.

2016 lead me to decide that I want to get back into the reason why I started an online business which was to help people excel in life, to spread the power of entrepreneurship.

My plan for 2017 I am not going to fit in, have as much of little as possible and knowledge feel all aspects of life; good, bad, happy, sad, exciting, depressing, inspiring, motivating, boring, hating and loving.

Comment Below! What are your goals, aspirations, thoughts, resolutions, ect?

Looking forward to your response,