About Me

Hi this is my About Me Page.. so I guess the question is who is Rizala?

Well the answer is..that is a load mother f~ing questions.

My latest “About Me” video needs to be changed 😛

I have changed so much since college, high school and onward (or maybe backwards)..

I can tell you I am dreamer, a entrepreneur, a optimist, a lover (for to my wife only 😉 ), and someone who wants to make a difference in this world.

I will tell you this my jounery to self-realization or self-awareness. All started because I could NOT STAND working my sales job. I wanted out so bad. While it wasn’t a horrible, horrible job to work at. I did feel that every day that I worked a piece of my soul died.

Also I was living in Germany with my wife (I moved there to be with her because at that time U.S. law did not allow me to sponsor her). We only we able to spend time with each other on Sundays (she worked nights and Saturdays, while I worked the 10a-6p). And like most couples who live pay check to pay check we spent most of our Sundays fighting over…you guessed it money.

Let’s pause for a pattern interruption.
Below you will see my timeline of success..Kinda crazy to go from only being able to spend $5 in ad to a making…(see the timeline below)

Life is super short. And as Ben said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

So but I am not sorry to disappoint but I am going to end this “About Me” page here. You can learn more about me through reading my blog posts. I will promise you this. 1) Grammar and Spelling mistakes 2) Randomness

Check out this post here if you want to learn more about why I am starting this blog.

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